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01 Mar 2021

This months Farm Machinery Journal features a full four-page review on the Corvus Terrain DX4.

In their 'First Impression' series FMJ puts one to work to test out the Corvus credentials and performance in real-world conditions.

The Corvus Terrain DX4 is unique in that it is the only UTV range designed and built in Europe. The model has been developed from scratch to suit the agricultural sector from the start, rather than modifying an existing platform that had transcended from the leisure market.

'The Corvus DX4 has been specifically designed as a work tool, with a reliable engine, decent amount of cargo space, a useful towing capacity and the ability to go anywhere'.

Spoiler alert - overall the machine had a fantastic review. Its towing and cargo ability seem to be one of the reasons for their like of the machine -being able to carry a five-foot round bale is a winner. They feel it holds real similarities to the original Landrover which may prove both useful and popular within the agricultural community.

'The Terrain DX4 is a newcomer to a very competitive UK market and Corvus has genuinely done a good job with it.'

To pick your copy of the March issue and read the full article please click here.

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