UBCO 2X2 Adventure Bike

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Say hello to on- and off-road adventure with the Dual Use 2X2 Adventure Bike. Jam packed with upgrades, while maintaining the original 2×2 DNA, nothing will get in the way of your ride.

This all wheel electric drive bike has no chains, gears or clutch and therefore produces no smoke or noise. This makes it extremely low maintenance, with no oil changes or engine specific replacements. Yet it can still handle on and off-road conditions, offering better acceleration and traction in slippery conditions, awesome grip on paved and unpaved roads and ascending gradients of up to 30%.

You can match the KXH Power Supply capacity to your needs: 2.1kWh, 2.6kWh, or 3.1kWh. The battery provides long range power of up to 120km+ (depending on capacity) and a charge time of only 4-8 hours (depending on capacity).

You can get all the key stats for your bike through the UBCO user app, including speed and battery remaining. Utilising the control settings from the App allows you to customise your ride.

  • All Terrain (AT) Suspension System
  • Comfortable ride
  • Two-stage regenerative braking with independent front and rear control
  • SuperX Step Through Frame with low center of gravity for more stability and better balance
  • Easy to mount, dismount and manoeuvre
  • Strengthened 7027 Series Alloy Frame
  • High load capacity (payload 150kg | 330lb incl. rider)
  • Front and rear racks standard
  • Multi use tyres with 9 gauge spokes – balance between street performance and off road grip
  • Keyless fob for easy operation
  • LED lighting
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