Farm #24 Success

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07 Aug 2020

We had a wonderful time following and supporting the #Farm24 initiative run by the Farmers Guardian and Morrisons.

We spent the day sharing and showcasing Ace ATV and Equipment customers with their #Farm24 pledge cards.

Jamie from Turton and Birch Maintenance Ltd (TAB) was happy to get involved. Angus took his new Kawasaki Mule SX to Rotherham, which was delivered to the companies head quarters. They will be using it for accessing remote and tricky telecom sites around the UK. Jamie is a foodie who wanted to show his support for British Farming.

We also received photos from Becky in Sulgrave, near Banbury. She bought a new CLH Livestock Trailer from us and spending most of her time Farming she was more than happy to pose with a pledge card!

It was a great day to share the different roles we all play within British Agriculture. Logic and Polaris were also involved in sharing stories and photos on social media. Thank you too all our customers and suppliers who have been involved throughout the day. We back our farmers through sales, service and advice. Our aim is to provide unbeatable support, whether you need socially distanced assistance through FaceTime or a swift replacement of a machine.

The Farmers Guardian reported that 'Previously the annual campaign has been predominantly Twitter-led, but this year’s event saw unprecedented activity on Instagram and TikTok, importantly, reaching new audiences. Social media was abuzz with informative posts which gave viewers a taste of everyday life on the farm, educational videos on farming practises, and some taking part in live Q&As with the public.'

2020 has been a tough year for many, with testing weather fronts and a pandemic thrown in for good measure! We are proud to play our part in British Agriculture and look forward to continuing our work with you all.

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