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03 Feb 2020

This week it was a real pleasure to meet up with John Cole - a long standing and valued customer of Ace ATV.

John bought his current Polaris Ranger 570 from us in June 2017 and decided it was time to trade it in for a newer model. He returned this week to collect his new Polaris Ranger 570 EFI and it was the ideal opportunity to find out why the Ranger 570 is so popular with our customers.

John is based in Warwickshire, where he runs a 40 acre small holding. The grass is let out to a local sheep farmer for grazing but John still needs the ability to get about. With arthritis issues he explained how the Ranger 570 is a great size, and with adjustable tilt steering it is very easy to get in and out of.

John and his brother David run a shoot on the farm, putting down 1000 pheasants and 300 duck each season. They undertake the majority of the feeding, which would be tricky on a quad bike. The Ranger 570 boasts 454kg payload capacity and 227kg box capacity, giving plenty of room to haul feed. For the larger loads, the gas assisted dump box can be utilised to unload the bed. If required you can connect your trailer with the standard 50mm hitch and maximize the impressive 680kg towing capacity. More importantly, there are a number of on-board storage solutions for storing the day’s tipple of choice!

John uses his vehicle every single day for a number of jobs, from walking the dogs and feeding pheasants, to popping into the village for a pint…of milk. He said it is a vital tool for him to get his daily tasks done. No matter what conditions the seasons bring, with its on-demand true all-wheel drive and 25.4cm ground clearance the 570 can manage the country in any weather.

Ace ATV service all of Johns vehicles at his farm to save him the trip out. We have already sold his Ranger 570 part-exchange, as it is in such great condition from being well looked after. Regular servicing, sensible driving and good tyres have meant he has never had his vehicle fail to start or let him down.  The DOHC 567CC ProStar® Engine provides a reliability that continues season to season.

It was great to hear first-hand why someone returns for the same Polaris model year on year. The Ranger 570 puts performance and value in one vehicle, allowing you to get the job done with no compromise on capability or comfort.

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