Logic ATV Snow Plough S228

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A Quick & Easy Way To Clear Snow

This is the 'professional' version of the S221 quick-attach snow plough. In common with the S221 it is a very competent performer when it comes to clearing snow up to 30 cm in depth. The S228 benefits from a clever 'break back' system: if the blade should hit a hidden obstacle under the snow (for example, a raised manhole cover) the blade snaps forward, releasing the bottom edge from whatever it has caught on to. The spring mechanism then snaps the blade back into operation so you can continue to clear snow without dismounting to reset the unit.

Attached to the ATV using Logic's System 20 chassis, it can be angled to the left or right to clear snow in either direction. It is lifted in and out of work using a very simple but effective manual lift lever which operates an over-centre cam. The System 20 chassis must be fitted to the ATV but once done this does not compromise the operation of the vehicle in any way. When the snowplough (or any other System 20 implement) is needed it is attached in seconds using pins and clips. This makes it a very quick and easy method of carrying out snow clearance tasks whenever it is needed. To extend the life of the snow plough, the rubber wearing strip along the bottom of the blade is replaceable.


  • 1.5 m blade
  • Break back system
  • Manual lift
  • Replaceable rubber wearing strip
  • Requires ATV with System 20 mounting chassis
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