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Ideal Terrator For An ATV

The Logic Terrator is a towed slitter which produces deep slits in grassland surfaces in order to aerate the soil and improve grass growth. It is particularly useful for improving areas which have been damaged by heavy use. It can be towed behind any suitable vehicle, but is ideal for ATV use as this ensures that these damaged areas are not further compacted and rutted by the passage of towing vehicles such as tractors or 4x4s.

All farmers know that soil structure is vitally important. Not only do you need the correct nutrients in the correct proportions but you also need soil structure that will support healthy and productive growth. It’s in the nature of the growing industry that equipment needs to be taken onto the land and this can create its own problems areas in dry, hard areas and wetter, lower-lying areas. Attending to good drainage is probably the first step in getting wet areas up to standard, but once the drainage is right, getting some structure into the soil is vital to bring the land into productive use.

The light, yet effective touch of an ATV and Terrator can help with this, and because it causes so little damage to softer areas, it can be used as often as is necessary to bring the land into good condition as quickly as possible. In hard areas, the Terrator is excellent for breaking up soil surfaces which have been compacted or capped, getting life-giving oxygen down to root level.


  • 1.6m working width
  • 32x6mm blades
  • Up to 140mm ground penetration
  •  Produces slits in grassed areas to aerate soil, relieve compaction and improve drainage
  •  Easy to shift from transport position (on wheels) to working position (blades in contact with ground)
  •  Combats ground poaching, poor drainage, capping
  •  Robust construction
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