Logic High-sided Tipping Trailer TGT

Strong And Durable Tipping Trailer

All farms can benefit from having a handy trailer about the place, especially one that offers low ground pressure and a useful carrying capacity. Add to this the versatility offered by a tipping option and these are the strengths of the TGT400 tipping trailer. Originally designed for carrying large amounts of light material such as grass clippings or leaves, this trailer quickly found use in carrying horse manure after mucking out and this is probably its most frequent use today.

However, the TGT benefits from the same high strength and durability as all Logic equipment and thus can be pressed into service to carry all manner of things. If there’s a need to carry things like stones or bricks on a regular basis then the Logic Dump Trailer gives you heavy duty capability for everyday use, but for many tipping tasks, the TGT will cope admirably. The sides of the TGT are 800mm high, giving useful capacity and they are slightly tapered for easy emptying. The pivot point for the tipping mechanism has been chosen to minimise the effort needed to tip the unit when full. The tailgate can be used as a ramp for wheelbarrows or equipment such as mowers.

Key Features:

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