Quadcrate Removable Lamb Box Kit

£137.50 + VAT

The lambox kit comes in 2 sizes which neatly transforms either the Front or Back Postholders into a dual purpose Lambox to ensure safe transportation of new born lambs, tools or to keep objects dry i.e. a coat. It also has a divided section 1/3 for a Veterinary products such as marking sprays, disposable gloves, flask and injections and the other 2/3 for a bedded section for up to 3 new born lambs. This ensures a safe environment for newborns while the ewe is safe in the Sheepcage, we want to maintain a high standard of welfare throughout their journey back to the farm.

The Lambox kit is made totally out of Aluminium chequer plate, with a spring loaded latch, heavy hinges, and can also be used as one big box when the divider is removed. The Lambox kit can be easily removed from the Postholders via tech-screws so they can perform as normal in the summer and become a Lambox in the winter. This makes the Lambox dual purpose as it can be easily altered to carry several items and become a multi-purpose tool.

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