Quadcrate Wire Unroller (Barb and Sheepwire)

£337.50 + VAT

The Wire Unroller can unroll 50 metres of sheep wire, in less than 15 seconds and 100 metre rolls in 30 seconds, saving a lot of time and energy, this device makes fencing so much easier on a man, leaving the job less stressful and more enjoyable.

There is also a bar available so that 3 coils of barbed wire can be unrolled at the same time, and when only two strands of barbed wire is needed there is holes for R clips so that the two coils stay apart so they don’t tangle again saving hours of time and energy. There is also a handle on the side of it so if old sheep or barbed wire has to be taken down, it can be rolled up nice and neatly adding to its value, but care needs to be taken at all times when rolling it up.

Half the battle is the unrolling of the wire, and this attachment looks after this task with ease making it less time consuming, adding to profits, as time is money, this product enables a man to fence on his own if needed but if 2 men are present with the fencing attachments fitted 3 to 4 hundred metres of wire can be put up in day.

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