Rangers Roam the Cotswold Farm Park

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23 Sep 2014


Adam Henson and Duncan Andrews run Bemborough Farm near Guiting Power, in the heart of the Cotswolds. Their farming enterprise comprises 1200 hectares (3,000 acres) of arable cropping and 1,000 acres of grassland supporting beef and sheep. Additionally, they run the Cotswold Farm Park tourist attraction welcoming 100,000 visitors per year.

Five years ago the business acquired their first Polaris diesel RANGER. This was fitted with a TFM rear canopy and purchased for use by the business’s livestock team. This vehicle quickly proved ideal for daily routine livestock husbandry checks and towing both trailers and a Logic sheep-feed snacker. Commenting on this machine, Adam said “ The Polaris RANGER has proved itself to be extremely robust, durable, reliable and economical. The diesel RANGER is very powerful and tows heavy loads with ease. Strong residual second-hand values have resulted in the policy of changing this vehicle every two years”.

Confidence gained from owning their first Polaris encouraged the business to acquire an EV electric RANGER in 2010. This vehicle is used daily for livestock and maintenance tasks around the Cotswold Farm Park. Duncan says “We were drawn to the EV based upon the proven RANGER chassis and it being the only electric UTV on the market. It is important for us that vehicles working in public areas of the Farm Park are quiet and non-polluting, supporting our drive towards sustainability in all areas of our business. Whilst the EV has a more limited range and towing capacity than the diesel RANGER, it is perfect for the lighter duties and shorter distances involved working at the Farm Park. The EV tows trailers confidently, and the bed provides a convenient load space for tools and equipment. The running costs are very low with the vehicle requiring no fuel and minimal servicing”.

The continuing growth of Adam and Duncan’s business and the demands this created upon their existing vehicles, saw them purchase their third Polaris in 2012 – a 400 cc petrol RANGER. Martin Parkinson, the business’s Arable Manager, was impressed by the machine’s versatility and was looking for a vehicle suitable for applying slug pellets, towing a trailed sprayer and for estate maintenance duties. The lighter petrol model appealed due to its low ground pressure, manoeuvrability and the adaptability of the rear bed – which can either be fitted with a frame to support the Logic Slug Pellet applicator, or a canopy to protect maintenance tools and equipment. Martin says “the machine tows our six metre trailed sprayer confidently and is ideal for applying slug pellets due to its light weight. The pelleter is controlled from the cab, improving operator comfort and safety. We regularly use the machine to tow a trailer for estate maintenance work including fencing, hedging and property repairs”.

Duncan says that dealer support has been a major factor in their decision to purchase all three of the above machines. “The service that we receive from Murray Boss and his team at ACE ATV is excellent. Parts availability is very good and the mechanics are well trained and prompt to deal with the few issues that have inevitably occurred, given the high level of use of all three machines”. Both Adam and Duncan are delighted with their fleet of Polaris UTVs and the versatility they bring to their diverse business.

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