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14 Sep 2020

We cannot believe we have been working with Fergie and his team at TFM Engineering Ltd for nearly 15 years.

Based in Cumbria, Fergie and Murray met many years ago and soon built a successful business relationship. TFM Engineering Ltd is affectionately known in the Ace ATV team as 'Things that Fergie Makes'! This is based on the array of accessories and trailers that he has steadily developed.

Their range of products are handbuilt by experienced craftsmen and are designed and built to a high standard to withstand the rigours of the farming, forestry and groundcare environments. 

When you purchase a SBS from us you can easily add the option of a canopy - they are designed to fit on the rear cargo bed of your utility vehicle. The most popular models are the Kawasaki Mule PRO MX, PRO DX, Corvus Terrain DX4 and Polaris Ranger. A purpose-built galvanised mild steel frame, clad with aluminium is finished with a rear mesh gate supported by gas stays.

Alternatively, you can have barn doors - this comprises of two doors hinged from the sides and meeting in the middle.

Their services and products are available through their UK dealer network, of which we are proud to be a part of. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.

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