Symtec Heated Grips

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Price: £40 + VAT

The Best Heated ATV Grips Money Can Buy

SYMTEC are based in Minnesota USA and they know all about the cold weather, so much so it led them to producing the industries best heated grips & thumb warmers available today…

“No fancy looking switches or overblown packaging with statements that are impossible to achieve, just the best heated grip out there today!”

  • Increased rider comfort with even and consistent heat distribution from unique flex circuit technology
  • Great feel and handling from the special moulded rubber grips, choose from either glue-on or no-adhesive push-on style grips
  • Fits all 7/8” handlebars, Totals 40 watts, draws less than 3 amps
  • Simple & reliable High/Low/Off switch
  • Metal Toggle High/Low/Off switch available as an optional extra, easier to use with thick gloves

Heated Grip Set £40.00 + VAT
Uk Carriage £6.00

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