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With rural crime on the increase there are measures you can look to put in place to safeguard your vehicles. 

Quads and All-Terrain Vehicles are the top target for thieves in the UK as they are easier to steal and sell-on than larger farm vehicles. As well as being simple to jump on and drive off when they’re left standing, thieves also take them from workshops and barns.



Remove the Key

We are all guilty of pulling up in the yard, field or outside the front door and hopping off our bike. Unfortunately, by leaving the key in any vehicle it leaves it open to opportunist criminals. By creating the habit of removing the key from the ignition every time we get off our bike, it reduces this opportunity.

Dont Leave in the Open

When your bike is left out for long periods of time in the day or over night it can become a target for organised crime. By putting your bike away or keeping it out of sight when possible, will help to deter attention.

Fit a Tracker

Invest in a bespoke quad security device, such as Skytag. These vehicle tracking systems are a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the world, within meters. ATVTrac is a discreet tracker that monitors movements of your vehicle in real time, allowing you to view status and location history 24/7 with notification of unauthorised movements.

Use a Thatcham Approved Locking Device

A quality padlock and chain, such as those approved by Thatcham are excellent deterrents.  We stock Kryptonite Chains which boast 3T Manganese steel and high security disc-style cylinder which is drill resistant. A Ground Anchor is another option, which provides a permanent locking point with a carbon alloy steel shackle. Its heavy duty hardened steel baseplate offers great resistance against pull attacks.

Finally, keep gates to yards closed during the day and locked at night. This provides a useful barrier to people who wish to 'scout out' properties. Further information can be accessed on the NFU Website where they have also produced the NFU 2020 Crime Report.

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