Murrays take on the ADV 2X2

Murrays take on the ADV 2X2 image #1

11 Mar 2021

We have a lot going on with our UBCO bikes at the moment.

The Adventure bike has been approved for the Government Plug In Scheme. This means there is a 20% grant available to YOU!

Plus the long awaited new UBCO Gen 5 App is now available from the App Store.
This app gives a live dash view to see your charge, speed and temperature.
You can control settings from the App to customise your ride. Utilising high speed Bluetooth 5.0 for communications control, the app can give you your current power output and renaming battery.

Reasons WE love the 2X2 ADV:
✔️No clutch – bullet proof low-speed control
✔️1kW Flux2 motor in each wheel
✔️Designed to handle on and off-road conditions
✔️Better acceleration and traction in slippery conditions
✔️Awesome grip on paved and unpaved roads
✔️Ascends gradients of up to 30%
✔️Very low maintenance
✔️No oil changes or engine specific replacements
✔️No smoke, noise, chains, gears or clutch

Reasons MURRAY loves it:
‘It is the first product I’ve ridden for the last 20 years that I haven’t wanted to get off. It’s quiet enough you can hear the birds, stable enough you have complete control on all terrain. Unlike conventional electric bikes it has a driven front wheel, meaning it is always looking for traction.’

We have a very limited number of bikes due for delivery in April. To order please get in touch.

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